Monday, May 30, 2005

Alternative energy sources - Biomass/Biofuel

Lately there has been a lot of talk about biomass/biofuels. Biomass energy production involves conversion of biological material or wastes into various substances that can be used as fuel for heating, transportation or power generation.

Carbon-based materials that have been converted over time into fossil fuels do not belong under the "biomass" definition (though in their original states they would have). This is because the carbon they contain has been isolated from the current carbon cycle, and would therefore figure differently in their effect on the carbon dioxide levels found in the atmosphere. Biomass/Biofuels has raised many controversies, mostly because many people think this is crime against humanity, since in many cases food is directly transformed into fuel, which is really not acceptable when you look at the number of hungry people worldwide. Some studies have also shown that biomass isn't ecologically acceptable energy source that in some cases releases more CO2 emissions than fossil fuels do. Still the idea of turning waste into a fuel sounds pretty interesting.

Alternative energy overview:
     1. Introduction
     2. Solar power
     3. Wind power
     4. Biomass/Biofuel
     5. Nuclear energy
     6. Ocean and Earth Power
     7. Conclusion

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