Monday, May 30, 2005

Alternative energy sources - Conclusion

As you can see there are number of different alternative energy sources that are more than capable to replace currently dominant fossil fuels, of course given enough money for their further development. The main advantage of these alternative energy sources is that they are ecologically acceptable energy sources, that unlike fossil fuels do not release large quantities of CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, causing global warming and climate change. This is really the advantage that should mean faster development of different alternative energy technologies because world will otherwise lose the battle against climate change. Even politics has become aware of this fact, and world looks ready to embrace new rules that should reduce current emission levels. In order to succeed in this world will need to stop relying on fossil fuels to satisfy its energy demand, and will have to focus on alternative energy sources, especially renewable energy sources, and make them more effective.

Science will have to play its part in this whole story, and make sure that these sources become competitive to currently dominant fossil fuels because many people still despite the environmental disaster that threatens us, are not ready to pay for energy more than they are currently paying. This is where science should drop in and offer solution through different technologies that should transform renewable energy sources into highly competitive energy sources. Such change in dominance will of course not happen overnight but what really matters here is that we start this energy revolution as soon as possible because the sooner we start it the sooner we'll finish it. In some parts of the world renewable energy sources are slowly but surely becoming dominant energy sources, but big countries, that are also big polluters, are still heavily relying on fossil fuels to satisfy energy demand. However, even in these big countries significance of renewable energy sources is constantly growing (though not as fast as many were expected) as there are more and more funds available for new energy technologies.

Green future can only be renewable energy future, and many energy companies have become aware of that. The only question that still remains is how much more will we have to wait for this "green future" to happen?

Alternative energy overview:
     1. Introduction
     2. Solar power
     3. Wind power
     4. Biomass/Biofuel
     5. Nuclear energy
     6. Ocean and Earth Power
     7. Conclusion

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