Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wind energy sector - Wind energy development

Wind energy isn't something brand new, and as many of you probably know that wind energy use (windmills) has very long history of using it. If we look at the data for United States in 2008 we can see that twenty-two states have come up with the plans for the installation of 1650 windmills in the United States. Current estimates say how by 2014, wind power industry expected to rapidly increase its growth, with today's around 6,500 megawatt-hours to expand to more than 28,000 megawatt-hours in five years time. Wind power industry is currently making an annual of $3 billion market. It is expected that this amount will more than double in the next two years because of lot of new wind energy projects that will soon start to be built across the whole United States. This can clearly give you an idea of how wind energy has developed over the years.

Many energy experts see bright future for offshore windmills. Offshore windmills are even now becoming more and more dominant in the wind energy industry, and the years ahead should ensure their total dominance on wind energy sector. Why are offshore wind energy projects becoming so popular? The main reason for this that oceans are experiencing far stronger winds to the one that blow on land, and the stronger the winds the more electricity we can generate. Much work and constant development in installation of windmills on sea platforms have made the wind energy much more efficient and what is also important more transferable. Wind energy projects are now measured in megawatts capacities compared to wind energy projects in past that were capable only to generate power in kilowatts.

The stronger the winds are the wind turbines spin faster, and offshore turbines therefore spin much faster compared to the ones on the land and most importantly they are far more reliable because they are much more stable compare to in land installed turbines due to constant winds that blow on oceans. As the wind energy sector is constantly experiencing growth this would also mean big things for economy because this expanding energy sector will ensure new jobs for many people, so wind energy sector could be also used to at least partially ensure jobs to the people that lost their jobs in recession. The wind energy sector is expected to achieve large growth in a near future which includes manufacturing and engineering, environmental management, consulting, and marketing determinants of wind energy. All of these should create thousands of new jobs, and help boos U.S. economy even further.

Wind energy sector:
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