Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wind energy sector - How does the wind energy generate electricity?

The main purpose of each energy source is to generate electricity needed for our homes as well as for different industrial facilities. Current popularity of wind energy sector and tendency of many people to ensure green energy source to provide electricity for their homes have resulted in wish of many homeowners to have wind energy system installed, of course when possible.

This is not only because wind energy is ecologically acceptable renewable energy source that should help us fight climate change and other environmental problems but moreover because it helps homeowners and even commercial facilities to eliminate major electric expenditure. Wind energy can even be installed to uninhabited places, and since it does not emit any harmful particles or greenhouse gases its use is completely safe, even form environmental point of view. The only thing that could be seen as the disadvantage of wind energy from environmental point of view is that wind turbines can cause some visual and noise pollution, but this environmental disadvantage definitely does not look half as big threat to environment as for instance fossil fuels do.

The amount of energy generated by a wind turbine depends on the speed of the wind. What is we increase speed of the wind how much more energy would this give to us. Well wind energy is definitely specific from this point of view, and so doubling the wind speed results in 8 times more power while tripling the wind speed means 27 times more power. As you can see these are more than justified reasons why most wind energy projects tends to be oriented on offshore wind projects where wind has the highest speed, therefore producing most power. In order to be economical, wind speeds in a given place must be at least 4-5 m/s, otherwise cost of building wind power plant will be too big, and not economically viable. Also wind energy projects tend to have greater length of the blades because the greater the length of the blades the more power wind turbine will generate. If we double the blade length we will increase the power four times, and if we triple the blade length there will be 9 times more power.

This stated above definitely points out that wind energy is mostly guided by different physical principles. Basically the blades harness energy from the wind, and then transform it into electrical energy. It has to be also said that some turbines can utilize wind blowing without any mechanical direction, but there are very few of those. You should definitely be always aware of choosing the appropriate site construction for wind energy system, an area that has to not only ensure constant blowing of the wind but also an adequate speed of the wind to make project economically viable. If you meet these two criteria they you definitely give wind energy sector a go because it will not only give you lower electricity bills, but it would also mean that you're actually doing something good for our planet.

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