Monday, September 12, 2011

EU to promote clean and fuel-efficient vehicles

EU wants to transform European car industry into the top player in the global green vehicle market, and also to ensure that electric vehicles can be recharged right across the Europe with the brand new green car-action plan. The main idea of this green car-action plan is to promote adoption of clean and fuel-efficient vehicles and to accelerate the development of new low-carbon vehicle technologies.

EU plans very delicate strategy that would be able to ensure just the right balance between the need for securing the future competitiveness of European car industry with the long-term goals of reducing the amounts of greenhouse gases and other pollutants connected with cars.

The important part of this strategy is also the desire to encourage the use of electric vehicles across the Europe which includes proposals to develop common standards for electric cars so they can be charged anywhere in the EU.

Despite the significant development and massive investments into the European transport infrastructure Europe is still struggling to significantly reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution. According to experts the main reason for this is the fact that people now travel much larger distances with their vehicles than they have in the past.

European Environment Agency (EEA) executive director Jacqueline McGlade also noted that "today, we can see that the extensive investment in transport infrastructure over the last 10 years has enabled us to travel further to meet our daily needs, but has not led to a decrease in the amount of time that we are exposed to noise, congestion and air pollution. In the future we will need to focus not only on the mode of transport, but also the reasons why people choose to travel, because ultimately mobility is inextricably linked to our quality of life."

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