Tuesday, January 13, 2009

US Clean energy sector - Long way to go

Though Obama said many times how his vision includes renewables and clean energy sector, latest report carried out by U.S. Government National Intelligence Councill showed that we will have to wait at least 25 years for this vision of his to come true. All curent renewable energy technologies are simply not adequate to replace dominant fossil fuels, and also many energy experts agree that it will take at least 30 years for these new technologies to become commercially viable.

Growing energy demand is happening worldwide and renewables still lack necessary development to compete with traditional fuels. In order to really make the difference U.S. will have to together with other countries work on solutions to speed up development of renewable energy sector to make it competitive with traditional fossil fuels. Don't get me wrong the world will still move away from oil and other fossil fuels because of fear of the climate change and global warming but this will not be done as fast as many environementalists and even Barrack Obama hope to be.

Clean energy source (photovoltaic energy).

Climate change fear will definitely urge development of renewables but this development will take time, and this is where traditinal fossil fuels will still have supremacy. Renewables takes time, and lot of funds too, so poor countries will probably stick to cheaper fossil fuels much longer than rich ones unless they get financial aid from rich countries.

World is really facing one serious dillema: On one side there is climate change problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible where many agree that only good enough solution is complete turn to renewable energy sector, and on other side there is increased energy demand that is about to grow even higher as the world's population increases and where energy is needed right away and not in some 30 years or so.

So, as you can see, Obama's vision will be put on the serious test of finding balance between turning green and satisfying energy needs. What to sascrifice, for how long, in what volume are only some questions that Obama will have to answer very soon.

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