Friday, October 31, 2008

Biggest wind turbines in UK

Wind energy is one of leading renewable energy sectors with many experts believing in its potential to become one of the leading energy sources in future. There has been very little criticism related to wind energy though some environmentalists believe that wind energy could have negative impact on biodiversity, especially on bird population. But as this latest study showed negative environmental impact from wind energy is really low, negligible compared to dominant energy sources (fossil fuels).

Some countries in Europe, most notably Denmark and Germany have significant share of wind energy in their total energy sector, and by the current looks of it United Kingdom looks to be heading into same direction with its latest plans to built the tallest wind turbines in the country. Their plan should locate 65 turbines on nearly 5,000 acres (2,000ha) of hillside near Llanbrynmair in Powys and each of these turbines would be 137m (449ft) high.

As very important plan of this project nPower is also a major habitat restoration project in the area that is «Npower» funding. As the nPower officials said: “nPower renewables is proud to be pioneering the first habitat restoration proposal of this size in Wales in conjunction with the wind farm, and believes the scheme presents significant benefits for both the local and global environment”. This is really a representative model of how correlation between energy and ecology should work in reality, where energy doesn't has negative impact on environment but on the contrary helps recovery of ecosystems that live in nearby area.

As Mr. Jacob Hain, chief project manager said «the scheme had the potential to greatly contribute to the growing need for renewable energy while at the same time securing the future of the bird population and preventing further deterioration of the peat lands». Really a nice example of sustainable development that could be excellent row model for many other wind energy projects worldwide.

The turbines in this area once operating will have the capability to produce between 130 and 195 megawatts which should be enough to provide the electricity needs of between 63,000 and 94,500 homes annually. This project is not only project as this company is also planning to redevelop a site in Llandinam, Powys, for 42, 122m (400ft) machines in May.

This could really be a turning point in UK's energy policy that so far hasn't been very oriented on renewable energy sources. Future of energy certainly lies in ecologically acceptable renewable energy sources, especially given the current negative impact of fossil fuels, most notable seen in global warming and climate change phenomenon. Projects like this are still not too significant on global scale but are definitely steps in the right direction. Of course it will take a lot of these steps to really make a difference but it is very positive to see more orientation on renewable energy sources from big countries such as United Kingdom.

Many experts believe that wind energy has great potential, and all what wind energy sector really needs is more development and of course more funding, to become as feasible and as ecologically acceptable as possible. But in order to achieve this many countries will have to change its energy policies on a way that will ensure more stimulants for this alternative energy sources. Wind energy sector has potential in many different parts of not only UK but worldwide but it is still negligible on global scale when compared to some other energy sources.

Hopefully once people and most notable governments see advantages of wind energy things will change for better, and who knows in not so far future we could possibly even speak about «wind energy revolution».

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