Friday, March 21, 2008

Wind energy facts

Wind energy is a renewable energy source.

Wind energy is a pollution-free energy source.

Wind energy is very abundant energy source in many parts of the USA.

Wind energy is mostly used to generate electricity.

Wind energy is mostly used renewable energy source.

Wind energy unlike some thought very economically competitive.

Wind energy is one of the lowest-priced renewable energy sources.

Wind energy is the fastest growing segment of all renewable energy sources.

Wind energy is very exploited in Germany where Germany leads the way with 8750 MW of electrical energy produced from wind energy.

Wind energy is more exploited in Europe than in America, because of favorable climate conditions and because of USA traditional relying on fossil fuels.

Wind energy basically transformed form of the Sun's energy.

Wind energy has no fuel expenditures.
Windmills - Wind to electricity (click on picture for full size).

Wind energy can be used in nearly 50 % of USA territory.

Wind energy can relieve fossil fuels shortage.

Wind energy can be good alternative to nuclear energy in areas with favorable climate conditions.

Wind energy can even provide new sources of income to some rural areas which have favorable climate conditions.

Wind energy use has been growing trend in many countries, especially in Europe.

Wind energy can be very soon the cheapest way to produce energy on the large scale, of course in areas with suitable climate conditions.

Wind energy may be costing a bit more than some other energy sources, but its benefits for ecology make wind energy very acceptable energy source.

Wind energy will surely be important energy source in years to come.

Wind energy is very competitive when compared to some other energy sources because it's pollution-free.

Wind energy is still not used on the global scale in its full potential.

Wind energy could really increase energy diversity and improve the security of energy supply.

This picture shows USA potential for exploiting the wind energy in some areas (click on picture for full size).

Wind energy should be considered as the long-term energy source.

Wind energy good sides are: high working reliability, no fuel costs and no pollution.

Wind energy bad sides are: changeability of wind speed and high construction costs.

Wind energy could be well used in the prairies because of constant winds.

Wind energy theory was discovered in 1919 by German physicist Albert Betz and published in his book Wind-Energie.

Wind energy can provide us with cleaner air and much healthier environment.


admin said...

This is a great site, I like all the pics you have. Wind energy is a super companion to solar. Combining wind energy and solar energy for homes can work great and save a lot of money. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Useful site!
Show sources more clearly- Table looks like EIA or DOE.
For renewables show output per year as well as capacity. Good locations give up to nearly 50% annual output
(output in KWhrs over nameplate capacity in KW); poor locations much lower.

Anonymous said...

Wind generated electricity is unreliable. Experience in European countries indicates that its reliability is in the range of 15-20%. It also creates problems for transmisssion systems and base load power plants. Reduction in CO2 is not what the proponents like us to believe.

Anonymous said...

I think that we as a global population need to stop being so greedy and start helping one another make use of reusable resources because I strongly believe that we can really make difference. Why not put solar panels in arid deserts that get a lot of sun? Why not use countries that have excess land to produce methanol? Or a in a windy country develop wind farms?

I believe that developed countries should band together to help less developed counties convert their resources to usable ones. This could help to give lesser developed counties a exportable commode which could help them develop. By helping develop the world in a clean manner we are in essence lessening pollution, creating jobs, and reducing poverty. These all seem like bounces to me.

Anonymous said...

this is a great website for students doing projects! i should know bc im am in 6th grade and am doing a project on this! thanks for the info!
lovn science, at VA

Anonymous said...

True on what you saying but the ancient egyptians capture the wind to sail boats on the Nile River.
The first windmill known was in Persia and now called Iran.

Ayoub Dogouz said...

If wind energy is a form of sun's energy, then why not going directly to the first energy source namely the sun.

Anonymous said...

wind turbines can produce more as much or more energy in a much smaller footprint than the equivelent amount of solar panels needed. Think big power, smaller package. However, the initial investment is usually higher but the proportion of scale allows the turbine to produce more power for less money. Problem is that turbines are restrictive of themselves due to their tower heights needed to overcome ground obsticles (See fluid dynamics, you are wrong if you think you can mount one on a home or below tree or hill lines) and civil ordinences severly restricting urban/sub-urban use. And for god's sake, do not ask about verticle axis turbines no matter what you read. simply pu without getting into the why is If billion dollar wind farm developers do not use them, there is good reason and you shouldn't either. No turbine design to date can beat the lifespan and generating capibilities of a traditional horizontal turbine.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a science fair project on charging batteries with a windmill. This was such a helpful and useful site! I strongly believe that people should work together and use renuable energy. Thanks for the help. I learned a lot!
*A 9th Grader*

Anonymous said...

The statements on this site, are just that, Statements with no factual backing! Wind farms in the UK are producing at, on avareage, 15-20% of there potential output. They need conventional powerstations to provide power when their output drops due to lack of wind. These plants cannot be switched on and off as they are continuous processes. Therefore they still cost, even when not needed! The UK Government has enacted legislation to add huge surcharges to consumers electricite bills to pay for the exorbitant cost of wind power. Please, please use factual information, not slogans.

Anonymous said...

I work in a hydro dam in Washington State. When it is windy during the spring we stop the generators and spill extra water.

Anonymous said...

did you know?
* A single wind turbine can power 500 homes.
* Wind power is currently the fastest growing source of electricity production in the world
* wind mills have been used since 2000 B.C and was first developed in china and persia( iran)
* In 2012, the roughly 140 million megawatt-hours generated by wind energy avoided 79.9 million metric tons of carbon dixiode - the equivalent of reducing power- sector carbon dixiode emissions by 3.6% or removing 14 million cars from the roads.
* wind energy is one of the most low priced energy resouces;it does not cause pollution and is a very good source of energy as compared to others