Monday, October 19, 2009

North America - 40,000 new wind turbines by 2015

North America, particularly U.S. desperately needs much stronger renewable energy sector, and the most promising look to be solar energy and wind energy. The latter one could looks to be soon experiencing new boom with the deployment of 40,000 new wind turbines across North America, and in the period of only 6 years, by the year 2015. Well, this is at least what report from Pike Research has to say to us. Energy experts at Pike Research believe that wind energy sector will be offering big economic opportunities in the next several years, especially since the government favors wind as the most feasible renewable energy source: notably 40,000 new wind turbines will arise across the North America but more than 45% of all wind turbines will be replaced with newer models that guarantee much better efficiency compared to old models.

Many analysts do not expect jumping start since country is till recovering from recession and the market probably won’t pick up the full pace until 2011, when it is expected that government and private sources of funding will be fully absorbed and purposed. The progress on wind energy in last year also wasn't negligible, as 8 gigawatts-worth of wind turbines have been installed in the U.S. (bringing its total to 25 gigawatts, enough to power approximately 8 million homes. When you look at the financial state of the country last year than this data really looks promising raising lot of hope for future wind energy projects across the country since market has only started warming up after one of the worst recessions in history.

Existing wind farm - San Gorgonio, California.

The Pike report comes out in just about appropriate time, namely four days after world’s largest wind farm was completed in Texas— the gigantic 627 turbine-strong Roscoe Wind Complex, capable to generate 781.5 megawatts (which should be enough power to almost 250,000 homes). Roscoe Wind Complex is located some 200 miles outside of Dallas, and the 100,000 acre complex makes Texas the undisputed leader in U.S. wind power, which is a bit ironic when you think how strong Texas oil lobbies are. This gigantic wind turbine was built by a German company, E.ON Climate and Renewables, that has slowly but surely spread throughout the Texas by owning and running several other large farms in west Texas, and planning even new wind energy projects.

Since I speak about new wind energy projects I have to also add that many more new wind energy projects are planned for the region. This area is also heavily populated so energy demand is really big, and the only problem that still needs to be sorted out is transmission lines. Once transmission problems are solved wind energy sector should experience even bigger growth.

There were lots of things happening with wind energy in U.S. these days and so the well-known Duke Energy company turned on two major wind-powered electricity plants in Pennsylvania and Wyoming. Duke Energy is one of the largest and most influential companies in the U.S., and many other companies have started following their example in its adoption of Smart Grid equipment and other efficiency initiatives that significantly improve wind energy efficiency. Duke Energy seems to be lately constantly increasing its reliance on wind energy and the things are looking really good for them as Duke’s two new wind plants in Pittsburgh and Cheyenne, Wyo. have respectable capacities of 70 megawatts and 42 megawatts. Duke Energy also recently signed a contract with Siemens Energy for wind-turbines for a new 200-megawatt plant near Casper, Wyoming, and they have couple of other wind energy projects ahead of them.

Big incentives have been given in the last couple of months to boost renewable energy sector in U.S. Last month alone the Treasury Department has given out more than $1 billion in cash awards to 27 clean energy companies, with the vast majority of them oriented on different wind projects. By the current looks of it idea of investing significant amount of money into wind energy sector looks to be rather good tip on stock market.

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It would be great if there were more effort on our part to form grass-roots coalitions of tinkerers, entrepreneurs, and funders for small proof-of-concept projects, with the aim of amaller, more sustainable energy sources for individuals and neighborhoods. This could help build our personal economy.