Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mozambique keen to use hydropower

Mozambique is keen to use hydropower for satisfying the country's energy needs. Therefore Mozambique will finally take control of the biggest dam in sub-Saharan Africa, Cahora Bassa, which is second biggest dam in Africa (just behind Egypt's Aswan dam), that was in Portugal's hands more than 30 years after Portugal's colonial power ended.

President of Mozambique Armando Guebuza said: "We are finally going to be able to use the dam to satisfy energy needs of our country" and government spokesman Luis Covane added that "given its production capacity of more than 2000 MW Cahora Bassa is important for the development of clean and ecologically-sound energy, not only in Mozambique but for a big Part of Southern Africa as well". This Aswan dams covers an area of 2000 square kilometers (800 square miles) and its capacity should be enough for neighboring countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.

For 82 % of the dam that is in hands on Portugal Mozambique will have to pay total sum of 950 million dollars and they already handed initial 250 million dollars and were given another 14-month grace period to take care of the rest. The last tranche of payment should be transferred to Portugal as we speak as Mozambique launched an international appeal for funds in order to finance the purchase. This Mozambique example is really one fine example of clean energy use in poor countries which should really be an example for all other developing countries to try to work on their clean and renewable energy sources instead of being oriented on "dirty" energy sources like are fossil fuels. This particularly refers to coal which often takes dominant place in developing countries because it's relatively cheap energy source.

It's really nice to see that importance of renewable energy sources is stressed in poor African countries too as they are starting to see their significance in upcoming years, and not only economical but what's more important ecological.

Mozambique is keen to use hydropower. Click on picture for full size.

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